App Store Optimization (ASO)


What is App Store optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the science of improving the performance of an App Store listing. There are three major aspects of ASO: conversion rate optimization, keyword optimization(or improving discoverability), and measurement.

What is App Store conversion rate optimization?

This is the science of optimizing the different creative components of an App Store page in order to improve the messaging and increase on-page conversion rates. This process usually involves user research, competitor research, and a/b testing.

What is App Store keyword optimization?

The science of optimizing the keywords an App Store listing is ranked for. This process involves updating keywords in the app metadata and in all the indexed text elements in an App Store page, such as the title or description.

What is App Store optimization measurement?

The science of measuring changes in ASO (either creative updates or keyword updates) to quantify the impact on paid and organic install growth. Measuring the impact of ASO changes and updates is key to identifying the most impactful areas for an app’s growth.

Why App Store optimization is important?

Let’s look at the app landscape: as of 2019, there are over 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps.

With such a competitive growing market, it’s not only about having the best app, although that is a key factor. App marketing teams need to know their target market to stand out in this ever-growing app market. The mobile marketing team that knows what drives their audience to install an app will have the insight needed to create better conversions, and targeting the right keywords will inevitably drive higher conversion rates.

There is a domino effect as you get a higher conversion rate: you will gain new users for a lower cost while climbing up the charts and becoming more visible on search.

While knowing your target market is the foundation to success in App Store optimization, there are other factors that come into play.

In a playing level field, it’s App Store optimization that has become the secret weapon.

App Store Optimization and App Store growth

App Store optimization is not only about improving conversion rates and climbing up the ranking by one spot. It’s the most intimate way to learn about what users like and dislike when they evaluate an app. By continuously testing, it’s the perfect playground to test hypotheses about an audience and generate insights that can be used across the App Store growth and marketing teams, including insights to make better-performing ad creatives.

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