Change Point Analysis

What is change point analysis?

In mobile marketing analytics, it’s difficult to always understand when a change is happening. There are no red flags that announce a change in a certain metric.

Change point analysis is the practice of continuously analyzing mobile growth metrics to identify changes—either adverse or positive—when they’re happening and then pinpointing their root cause in order to float potential actions to double-down on it or fix it.

An example change point analysis could look like this:

An app’s ranking in the German top games charts has dropped by 10, significantly impacting growth. After the change was identified, analysis has shown that this is a result of decreasing conversion rates because of old App Store creatives that have slowly stopped performing. The insight would be to optimize these creatives and update them.

Why change point analysis is important?

Mobile marketing analytics is lacking critical data. Data is analyzed in silos and it’s extremely hard to identify changes in real-time and point to their root cause. Without this basic business dynamic, the reality is that a mobile marketing team is constantly ‘surprised’ by changes that hurt their ability to hit KPIs and to deliver constant growth.

Change point analysis and App Store growth

The App Store is full of opportunities and acts as a kind of ‘mirror’ to an app’s marketing activities. Most things you do have an impact on your App Store performance and creates a ‘change point.’ Analyzing these changes is crucial for building an understanding of how the stores operate and what levers you can pull to get more growth.

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