Mobile User Journey

A person standing next to an iPhone.

What is a mobile user journey?

A user/customer journey includes all the touchpoints a user has with your mobile app brand. The mobile user journey is the stage of the relationship that starts to form between a user and an app brand.

The user journey in the mobile space can be mapped out in many steps since each user may behave differently to each experience such as viewing an ad (on TV, social networks, mobile websites, or within other apps), reading about the app in the media, getting a push notification on their phone, hearing about the app from a friend or colleague, or being exposed to the app through the app stores.

Mobile marketers try to map out the customer behavior along each touchpoint in the mobile user journey.

Why a mobile user journey is important?

The mobile user journey is vital to understand as untangling the dynamics of the user journey to get an understanding of the drivers that get users to install and build out a customer persona for suture app marketing strategy planning.

Mobile user journey and App Store growth

Improving growth in the App Store is an impossible feat unless there’s a clear understanding of how users discover, find, install apps, and when a user would write an app review. Imagine that by mapping the user journey you’ll find a series of levers you can pull to increase growth. That understanding can then be used to pull the levers that maximize growth the most, be it an ad or a completely different mobile marketing activity.

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