Organic User Acquisition

What is organic user acquisition?

Organic user acquisition is the science and practice of engaging in marketing activities that are designed to generate organic installs.

Organic installs in the app stores are those which come from users installing via App Store Browse (or Explore in Google Play), i.e., browsing through the top/category charts and various content in the stores that feature certain apps. It also includes the App Store and Google Play search, which includes all users that searched for a term and installed an app from the search results page.

Organic user acquisition involves activities, such as app store optimization and platform relationships (with Google and Apple) for featuring, offline marketing, and more.

Why organic user acquisition is important?

Although paid user acquisition teams have evolved into very science-focused organizations in the past few years, the organic user acquisition practice has remained somewhat undeveloped as they balance budgets based on signals they get from mobile attribution platforms.

About 75-90% of all installs are organic. That being said, this doesn’t mean that all of the app installs just fell from the sky: these installs are a result of certain activities. In other words, the same way a paid UA team could increase budgets for a channel that brings in great quality installs, the same could be done with organic installs. Given the potential number of organic installs, the contribution to growth that an organic UA team could drive is significant.

Why organic user acquisition should work with paid user acquisition

The App Store ecosystem is intertwined and everything has an effect on everything, including paid UA that affects organic UA and vice versa. The importance of treating organic UA holistically together with paid UA lies in the fact that each activity has some effect on the other.

A change in creatives in the store will affect the performance of paid ads. A new ad campaign could affect App Store rankings. So working together and using each other’s activities as a multiplier will maximize growth.

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